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What's Next?

There are several possible problems with the proposed turnpike. There are many people working on developing a coordinated effort to come up with a solution. Here’s the latest scoop:

  • SB1610 passed in the Senate March 24th and passed the House Transportation Committee on April 14th.  This bill will require the OTA provide more information justifying the location and need for the Southern Extension of the turnpike.  Please contact the Rep Charles McCall (Speaker of the House) and Kyle Hilbert (Speaker Pro Tempore) and kindly urge them to hear SB1610 on the House floor and amend it to include the East-West Connector.  Contact all other Reps in the House for their support on SB1610.
  • Sign the Bond Oversight Committee Letter if you already haven’t done so.
  • Contact the OTA
  • Contact Governor Stitt

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What Can I Do?

If you’d like to volunteer for Pike Off OTA, use the volunteer button below to sign up. Are you looking for a way to have a big impact by just spending a few minutes a day on the issue? You can participate in our text and email campaign! You can either download and print off a list of people to contact and talking points, or we can text you a few to do several times during the week if you sign up for our easy email campaign. Would you rather do it yourself? We have a suggested contact list and talking points.


Phone and Email Lists

Not Sure of Your Representative and Senator?

To find your legislators:

  1. Type in your address to get your house and senate representatives
  2. Planning a visit? Click the link icon under their name to get their address including room number

Tell Your Story

Share your story with the legislators, Governor Stitt, the media, and with others.  Need help filming or getting your video on social media, contact Tanner as stopthetollok@gmail.com.  Once your video is ready, share it via, Twitter or Instagram using #stopthetollok or send us a Youtube link.

Got Rose Rocks?

Rose Rock

Dr. Amy Cerato is interested in knowing more! Please email your name and phone number to ihaveroserocks@gmail.com so she can work on mapping out where this rare geological formation is found.